What is that? and how does it effect me?

What is that? and how does it effect me?

Air conditioning just seems like something magical and mystical. How does it occur and what can I do to effect it in a positive or negative way?

If you are interested you can check out this simple diagram above and see how refrigeration works. There is a lot too it, but this is the most simple way to demonstrate it. (sorry it isn’t better quality)

You have two sides to a refrigerant system, the condensing side and the evaporation side.

One side takes the refrigerant (this is the chemical used to create refrigeration or cooling) and condenses it. It is pressurized by a compressor then ran through a coil of copper with fins to cool it. this condenses the refrigerant or turns it into a liquid. It is very important that all of the refrigerant is turned to a liquid through this process to accomplish the next stage in the cycle.

After the refrigerant is turned into a high pressure liquid it is pushed through a small opening. once through the opening the refrigerant is allowed to occupy more space and is then in a low pressure state. the refrigerant is allowed to turn into a vapor. this occurs in the evaporator coil which is much like the condensing coil. in fact these coils MUST be proportional to each other in order to work effectively. In this coil the refrigerant must turn into a vapor all the way. The way this is accomplished is by allowing heat to pass over the evaporator coil. The reasons you want all vapor at the end of this cycle are:

Compressors are made to pump vapor, not liquid

Liquid refrigerant will cause oil migration by picking it up and taking it away from the compressor

Liquid in the compressor with cause it to run loud and pull more energy, it will also lessen the life of the compressor

The system will run less efficient.

You can effect this cycle in a positive way by having clean filters, keep your supply grills open all the way and have your system checked regularly for debris. Having a correctly sized duct system is paramount to this process working correctly. In essence you need to have the correct air flow through your evaporator.

Your condenser should be cleaned of debris on a regular basis, once or twice annually.


Hope this helps,

John Dungan

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