“I’m hot, come NOW!”

“I’m hot, come NOW!”

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot. It isn’t really cooling down at night and it’s getting really humid and sticky. I’m starting to get calls that accompany this phenomenon. This email is more like advise for those calling for service. So please pay attention.

Don’t call for a maintenance when your AC stops working or is under performing. IT IS BROKEN! hoping its just a maintenance is not going to help you. Act like we are a doctor. Tell me and my dispatcher everything. We can send the right guy with a full picture so maybe he can show up with exactly what he needs to get you up and going quickly.

We don’t exactly like doing maintenance calls in the middle of summer. That goes for all AC companies. I don’t mean to offend anyone or say I won’t service you (because I will). You need to handle this before the heat. you are taking up a valuable slot for someone who doesn’t have air. It puts us in an awkward position between upsetting good customers wanting a maintenance or letting a family with a new born suffer with no air. As much as I would like to help my customers 24/7 I am only human and it is extremely hot. So my staff and I have limited time to help you out.

Make yourself available. Its hard enough to run around all day in the heat, and every house we go to has no AC so it is hot all day for us. Be available for authorization and payment please. Imagine dealing with hot irritable people, traffic, heat, problem solving, phone ringing off the hook and physical crawling around in attics. Yes its a bit torturous but, satisfying when you’re able to help people out. It really compounds however when we can’t get a hold of people either to get authorization or to collect payment.

This may sound a bit critical and that I don’t want to serve you, to the contrary, I love my customers and want to service all of you. This comes from a perspective of wanting to do more with less time. In the words of Jerry McGuire “help me help you!” Also realize that there are many other people with similar or worse situations than yours.

I promise, and you have my commitment, we will get to you as quickly as we can and we do care!

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