Can I wait to do this repair?

Can I wait to do this repair?

I would like to take this time to go over a common problem I get presented with almost every day. “Can I wait to do this repair?”

Here is my take on some common scenarios.

Mold: this one is a no brainer. Get it handled right away! Your system can be a breading ground for mold if it isn’t running properly, especially here in Florida.

Relay or contactor: Relays can work intermittently and leave you stranded without warning. Contactors in particular can stick closed. If this happens it can cause your power bill to go up because the system will not turn off. It can also cause the compressor to fail. This should be addressed quickly if you want your system to be reliable. That being said, your relay could last a long time after it shows signs of going bad. Better safe than sorry is a good rule to adopt if you don’t want to be stranded.

Coil cleaning: It depends on how dirty the coil is. You should take every effort to allow as much airflow though your system as possible. A system that is restricted will cause your power bill to be higher than it should be. Your system will also be stressed by the restricted airflow, Some would say it is very hard on the motor pushing the air. Actually the compressor suffers the worst from restricted airflow. I won’t go into too much detail but you can think of it as a balance between the intake and exhaust. You should clean your coils as soon as possible to keep your system running efficiently and reliably.

Compressor: Your compressor is the heart of your system. Everything else supports its function. When it is going bad there are a few liabilities to not repairing it right away. 1. It will use up more power 2. It could burn up internally and 3. It could cause less cooling or heating for your home or business. You could get away for a while with out replacing it right away in some cases.

Fan motor: If either fan motor goes bad they could cause compressor damage. You should do this right away if you know it needs to be done. You will pay more the longer you put it off, whether it be in the form of a higher power bill or in higher repair costs. Not only that but fan motors usually fail in the middle of the day when it is the hottest. They could be causing damage to your system while you are at work. Think about it, you are out making money and this thing is taking it from you with out you knowing about it.

As you can see these parts rely on each other to function properly. When one fails the others suffer. So in many cases it is best to take care of it right away. You can have a system that runs a long time and retains it’s efficiency by keeping up with a simple maintenance program that with often save you more money than you spend on it.

John Dungan
Ability Air & Heat LLC.

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