Some things you can do for your AC

Some things you can do for your AC

These are all items I take care of for you when I do your AC maintenance however they are items you can do as well.

  1. Check and/or change your your air filters EVERY month. let your system breath and it will thank you! You will have better energy bills and this will lessen the chance of mold building up.
  2. Use about a cup of bleach down the condensation drain to keep it clear of slime. When the slime builds up it clogs the line causing your unit to shut off or leak. This slime can get so bad we have to replace the whole line. Make sure to follow up the bleach after about 30 min with about a quart of hot water.
  3. You can wash out your condenser with a hose. DO NOT USE A PRESSURE WASHER!! clean away any vegetation, leaves etc. Hose water should only be used about 2 times a year as minerals from the city water system can build up on the fins.

Other wise call me for regular maintenance

I will do all of the above and more ensuring:

You pay a lower power bill
Your system achieves it’s maximum life
You stay comfortable in your home
Your system doesn’t break down in the middle of summer

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