Filters Are The Key To Success

Filters Are The Key To Success

I can come out to your house and maintain your air conditioning and heating system keeping it as efficient and reliable as possible but, “what can I do”, is the most common question I get from my customers. “Change your air filters” is what I always tell them. I’m sure you’ve heard it and maybe you do change your filters regularly. Why? Because I said so? So your air is cleaner?

The first thing you have to know is that your air filter is for your system not you.

Second is it needs as much air as possible and it should be clean. So installing that $20 1″ filter isn’t the best thing for your AC. You may as well be installing a dirty filter. It restricts your air flow so you want a filter that catches a lot of dirt and is breathable, white or blue is best.

The reasons:

  • Your air conditioner is designed to push a certain amount of air, if it is starved for air then the power consumption goes up and so does the run time. It is a loosing proposition.
  • Your indoor coil is sensitive to debris. It catches what your filter doesn’t. When your coil gets dirty is restricts the air and your power bill goes up. These days the coils are designed in such a way that it is sometimes necessary to replace the coil because it can’t be cleaned.


One last thing.

If you live in the Clearwater area the best place to get your filters is Holt Filter on Hercules. They are the correct filter and at the best price. They are family owned and have lots of knowledge on air filters.

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